Richard III

Where would we be looking for Richard today?

RICHARD: What’s up Buckingham?

BUCKINGHAM: King Edouard, teased by the ceaseless moan of death, gathered around his bed those united by mortal hate. He’s waiting for you, Richard. Your brother will not abandon his flesh to its sordid fate until Hasting and yourself make peace with Elisabeth.

RICHARD : Edouard a toujours été un utopiste.

BUCKINGHAM: Edouard has always been a sexist asshole! I’ve been your voice, I took the liberty. Richard is suffering, I said, but he wishes for nothing more than to forget the quarrels of the past and to live a life of serenity. The queen, filled with hope, came out with this lovely thought « On this brotherhood day, let’s set Clarence free! »

RICHARD : Mais Clarence est mort…

BUCKINGHAM: Get ready Richard

The throne will soon be yours

England your playground

Subjects your toys

Summer is coming

Prepare yourself for ruling

The bells are about to shout to the world your brother’s passing

And there will be no more king

The dark curtains will soon be closing up

The queen’s tears will be dropping down on Edouard’s coffin

While his corpse will be rotting up

Strike Richard, strike to death!

Words are your weapons

They’re as fatal as the plague

Let’s finish them with this disease

Together let’s end this tragedy

Of your beloved Clarence’s decease

I will inform the king and the royal family

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